Canadian Climate Change Program Promises Big Impact

In the Quietly Making Progressive News department . . . our eminently sensible neighbors to the north are engaging in innovative research into sustainable agriculture. The federal Canadian government is sponsoring 20 new projects with the CD$27 million Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP), a partnership with universities and conservation groups across the country, reports Markets Insider. The goal? “The program supports research into greenhouse gas mitigation practices and technologies that can be adopted on the farm.”  The AGGP investments support the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, a group of 49 countries working to find ways to grow more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions. (Agriculture, along with forestry, account for 30% of global GHG emissions.) Innovative, collective, government-backed action to deal with climate change: anybody in the US polity interested?

John Howell, Editorial Director

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