What is the Responsibility of Responsible Business to Government?

Deregulation and tax reform—those are the two main issues that business was looking to the Trump administration for new, business-friendly policies. What business was not looking for from the Chief Executive turns out to be more significant: policies on immigration, climate change, transgender rights, and race that have driven CEOs away from the White House. A group of leading top level executives have demonstrated the power of business to speak out and push back against Trumpian positions on issues that affect society by issuing statements on these political issues. “Today, to keep silent is to jeopardize the reputation of the company,” says Nancy Koehn, of Harvard Business School, quoted in the NY Times article,  “The Moral Voice of Corporate America.” Read the insightful details about this sea change in business behavior here.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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<p>As I write this, the United States Congress is busy deciding whether or not to spend upwards of $700 million to &ldquo;rescue&rdquo; Wall Street from its binge of bad investments and corporate greed. For some reason, I&rsquo;m reminded of a television news clip I saw a few years ago, when Enron collapsed. A high level executive with his hands cuffed, was being helped into a police car.

<p>The present crisis in the world financial markets has shown that we have built our economies on a foundation of monetary sand and that when it is met by a hurricane then those foundations shake.

by Kresse

I had a great night in London this past Wednesday. Fresh Ideas Events launched its first mentoring competition. Several successful entrepreneurial women have agreed to mentor a stranger for the next 6 months and the mentees got a 1-minute taster of what each mentor was like. Attendees will have a week or so to submit applications and will be matched with mentors for what promises to be a tonne of fun.

If you work with companies in the vague area of "sustainability" like I do, you quickly realize we are moving towards a world where you will be an efficient, environment-positive consumer without even realizing it.  And that is a beautiful thing.

by Pete

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<p>What a great time to enrol people in the business of doing something about social and environmental issues.</p>

<p>Delicious, sustainably sourced and prepared food and drink, a jazz combo complete with standup bass, strings of colorful beads freely bestowed to the revelers in attendance, all set against the backdrop of a star-filled evening sky , among exotic plants from around the world. An upscale Mardi Gras f&ecirc;te? Not exactly, but a celebration nonetheless.