Canadian Climate Change Program Promises Big Impact

In the Quietly Making Progressive News department . . . our eminently sensible neighbors to the north are engaging in innovative research into sustainable agriculture. The federal Canadian government is sponsoring 20 new projects with the CD$27 million Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP), a partnership with universities and conservation groups across the country, reports Markets Insider. The goal? “The program supports research into greenhouse gas mitigation practices and technologies that can be adopted on the farm.”  The AGGP investments support the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, a group of 49 countries working to find ways to grow more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions. (Agriculture, along with forestry, account for 30% of global GHG emissions.) Innovative, collective, government-backed action to deal with climate change: anybody in the US polity interested?

John Howell, Editorial Director

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by Pete

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<p>Barack Obama issued a stirring call to action this Tuesday. &nbsp;His address was aimed squarely at the hearts of Americans, reminding us we are more than shopping automatons. &nbsp;We are a people that treasures hard work and craves a sense of purpose.</p>
<p>Sound familiar? &nbsp;</p>

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by Pete

<p>A new year and a new president. Change is in the air. And as <a title="2020 Corporation" href="http://www.corporation2020.org/" target="_blank">lots of people</a> are saying, now is also the time for a new type of business.</p>
<p>A new type of business needs a new type of purpose. Sustainability is one.</p>

If you're currently looking for a job, you may occasionally feel as though the job searching process is simply unfair.  The expectation that you can summarize your entire career on one or two pieces of paper seems flawed and incomplete.  Yet that is what is expected of the active job seeker who is looking to get a foot in the door and interview for positions.  While there are lots of ways to develop leads for your search through informational interviews, the bot

by John

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<p>We are currently witnessing a shift in the job market away from the more traditional MBA path, which is crumbling as I type, towards traditionally riskier start-ups, social ventures, and entrepreneurial careers with social and environmental impact goals. Each year, business school students at MIT's Sloan School of Management embark on a "Tech Trek," visiting companies of interest in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Boston to make connections, get career ideas and generally explore.