150 CEOs Support Action in the Workplace on Diversity and Inclusion

While President Trump stirs up a neo-Know Nothing ruckus about the rights of NFL players to protest on the field, business has been quietly doing just about the opposite. CEO in Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ is an initiative by over 150 CEOs to introduce programs about those subjects within the workplace. The program’s commitment is the “realization that addressing diversity and inclusion is not a competitive issue, but a societal issue,” and that “businesses have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to play a meaningful role in such an important societal issue.” See what 150 corporations and organizations are doing to foster effective action toward advancing the debate—and the issues.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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by Pete

<p>I feel so much better today than I did yesterday, having listened to a very inspiring talk on the wonderful <a href="http://sic.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail3570.html">Social Conversations network</a> by an economist at Chicago University, David Galenson. He described his research into creativity.

<p>The global microfinance revolution is about unleashing power.&nbsp; Even small loans can enable poor communities to transform their skills and energy into higher incomes.&nbsp; This is the basic idea celebrated by the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.&nbsp; It meshes with economic theory, and it&rsquo;s backed by thousands of success stories.<br /> <br /> So why, all of a sudden, does credit s

<p><a href="allthings/55/Solving-Two-Crises-with-a-Single-Platform.html" target="_blank">In my last installment</a>, I told you about the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway and shared a compelling interview which its inventor, Justin Sutton, agreed to give to the world. Now, I&rsquo;d like to focus your attention on a niche technology which is based on Mr. Sutton&rsquo;s green solution to the transportation and municipal infrastructure crises and will help reduce highway fatalities markedly.<br /> <strong><br /> Meet the Triage Traveler mobile trauma center.

<p>Today's <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/17/business/17green.html?_r=1&amp;oref=sl...">NYT</a> Business Section features a report from the Farnborough Air Show, a week-long aerospace industry extravaganza, citing that sustainability is a key theme in this year's show.

by Richard

The New York times has an interesting article about the internal turmoil over the Google Day Care program.

<p>After global warming, what is the greatest crisis threatening the industrialized world? Deforestation? Nuclear proliferation? Terrorism? Nay, those are all pressing and nearly intractable issues but at the top of the list is municipal infrastructure.

<p>I took my 3 sons to the DC suburbs for the July 4th weekend.&nbsp; The highlight was the annual picnic in my parents&rsquo; neighborhood (pony rides, egg toss competition, blueberry bake-off).&nbsp; One of my parents&rsquo; friends, someone who has been around the international development scene for decades (including a stint at the World Bank), disturbed the patriotic revelry to give me her 2 contrarian cents on microfinance.<br /