Responsible Investment Adds “Social Bonds” to Ethical Finance Products Glossary

Add this term to your socially responsible investing vocabulary: “social bonds.” These are financial products aimed at addressing social issues such as access to education, crime, homelessness, and helping underserved communities and disadvantaged children. This market is small—just $3.5 billion of social bonds were issued in Q2 of this year—but the market is booming, according to the Financial Times. Data provider Dealogic reports that this was more than double the previous record, and the best quarter on record. FT states that the trend is “part of a wider shift by bond investors to follow in the footsteps of longstanding efforts to push for ethical investing.” For issuers, the ROI is clear: reaching new investors. Watch for standards to be settled (how to measure effectiveness?), then for this market to really take off.

John Howell, Editorial Director

ReportAlert: American Cleaning institute releases 4th Sustainability Report

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by Marcia

<p>Inspired by the sharp rise in the number of Facebook-organized political demonstrations and mass protests around the world this year, dozens of youth activists from the U.S. and abroad met today at Columbia University for Day 2 of the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit-a first-time gathering organized by Howcast, Facebook, MTV, the U.S. Department of State, YouTube, Google, and Access 360 Media.</p>

by EJ

<p align="left">The city of Dallas and <a href="http://www.urbanrevision.com/">Urban Re:Vision </a>are setting out to do something that promises to be very important in re-building cities toward global sustainability.

by Bright

<p>She is a graduate of the prestigious Raymond Ackermann Academy at Africa's leading business school, the University of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business.</p>
<p>She is a tried and tested Entrepreneur with a habit of never saying, "I give up!"</p>
<p>She is out on a mission to transform African development with chocolate.</p>

by Rasmus

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by Marcia

<p>Today through Friday, <a href="http://info.howcast.com/youthmovements/summit">an Alliance of Youth Movements Summit</a> is meeting at Columbia University Law School to launch a new global network called 501c3, to help train people around the world to use social media&mdash;from cell phones to digital video to Twitter and other tools&mdash;to fight violence and op

At a meeting of 50 African nations held in Algeria in November, an agreement was reached that Africa should "speak with one voice" to pursue a larger influence in shaping the successor to the Kyoto Protocol, set to expire in 2012.    If these countries prevail, future carbon trading programs will resemble three-cornered stools, with Africa, previously left out of reaping most of the benefits of such programs, sitting pretty.

by John

<p><em>First a little background. I live in Virginia on a third of an acre in a single family home. The southern half of the property&nbsp;is wooded with a stand of 70 - 80 foot tall trees. The house itself is T-shaped, with roofs facing each of the cardinal points on the compass. </em></p>
<p>I decided to get solar panels for my home to (a) reduce my energy footprint in state that is primarily supplied by coal-fired power plants (b) reduce my energy costs. I went to a number of suppliers and here is what I was told:</p>