6 Remarkable Scholars Who Have Big Plans for the Future

Children International's HOPE Scholarships Help Fund Secondary School, Vocational Training or a College Education
Nov 5, 2015 2:05 PM ET

6 Remarkable Scholars Who Have Big Plans for the Future

Education opens doors to bright futures. At CI, we've seen how transformational it is thousands of times: Shy kids blossom into eager, outgoing students. Teens use their knowledge to tutor younger children in the community centers. Youth graduating from college secure jobs that pay more in one week than their parents make in a month.

Our kids are confident in school because they know that you – their sponsors – and the CI programs you support have their backs the whole way, with educational assistance, school supplies, tutors and HOPE scholarships.

HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) scholarships help fund secondary school, vocational training or a college education. Thousands of kids rely on this financial support to continue their studies. Read what six HOPE scholars have to say about their education and plans for the future:

Paul, 20, Quito, Ecuador

From Paul’s essay:

In this era of continuous change and globalization, education has become a necessity for everyone. Knowledge gives us the chance to be better, fulfill our dreams and reach our goals. Education can help improve people's living conditions.

A high-school degree can only guarantee low-paying jobs. But, thanks to Children International and its HOPE scholarship program, I have managed to continue with my higher education.

I thank Children International from the bottom of my heart for helping me with the cost of my learning at the Ecuadorian Red Cross Institute. I will become an excellent professional in prehospital care, and I'll be able to help people the same way you have helped me.

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