Advocating for the 40 Million Americans With Disabilities

As it fulfills its mission to build a better economic future for Americans with disabilities, National Disability Institute is fighting to ensure the rights of this underserved population are legally acknowledged and protected.
Jan 17, 2019 1:00 PM ET
Viewpoints’ invites guest authors from outside of Wells Fargo to share an important perspective related to their work. Today, we welcome Michael Morris, founder and executive director of National Disability Institute.
In 1977, Congress enacted the Community Reinvestment Act to put an end to discriminatory lending practices and reinforce the need for financial institutions to invest in the economic vitality of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. The CRA encouraged banks to help meet the credit needs of all people where they have a physical footprint, including responsive financial services to individuals and families in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. For the full article, visit Wells Fargo Stories.