Aura Air Equips Thousands of Classrooms With Air Quality Management Systems

Students across the U.S. return to cleaner classroom air, including large school districts in Washington State, Mississippi, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts
Sep 21, 2022 4:30 PM ET

As students return to the classroom for the new school year, hundreds of schools and school bus operators are installing Aura Air’s advanced air quality management systems to keep them safe and healthy.

After two years of disruptions to in-person classes and growing concerns about student absenteeism, schools are determined to stay open safely this year. Yet many face a shrinking teacher pool, plunging public school enrollment, and the need to recover from learning losses, even as COVID-19 cases continue and flu season approaches.

In 2020, the federal government made $122 billion in pandemic relief funding available to educational institutions, schools, and universities across the United States. They are using the funds to install indoor air quality monitoring systems to lower the risks and impacts of poor indoor air on teachers, faculty, and students.

Aura Air devices have successfully contributed to a significant improvement in air quality in hundreds of classrooms and school buses where the systems have been installed. Aura Air’s system improved VOC levels in classrooms by 50%, helping reduce health risks such as headaches, poor coordination, nausea, and cancer. Additionally, PM 2.5 levels improved by more than 10% and overall air quality by more than 12%.

Following a series of successful pilot programs, the Aura Air system has now been installed in some of the largest school districts across the country, including:

  • Meriden Public Schools in Connecticut
  • Jackson Public Schools in Mississippi
  • Legends Charter School in Maryland
  • Highline Public Schools in Washington
  • Jacksonville University in Florida
  • Touro University in New York
  • Southwest College in Mississippi
  • City of Cambridge in Massachusetts

“Aura Air is honored to provide clean, safe indoor air to thousands of students and faculty in the U.S. just as we do in classrooms and government institutions worldwide,” said Roei Friedberg, CEO of Aura Americas. “Aura Air’s innovative air management system helps prevent infections and clears the air of harmful airborne particles including viruses, bacteria, and VOCs, improving the health and wellness of teachers, faculty, and students.”

“Indoor air quality in our schools continues to be a top concern for parents and teachers,” said Leslie Boggs, former National Parent Teacher Association President. “Aura Air’s technology is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.99% of COVID and flu particles from the air we breathe. Their platform enables schools and universities to monitor and purify indoor air quality in real-time across campuses to keep educators and students healthy.”

Using the Aura Air web platform, superintendents, educators, and school bus operators leverage a fleet management solution to maintain the highest indoor air quality standards in public spaces. The new platform provides an extensive set of tools for users to manage and monitor multiple Aura Air purification systems in real time at once by controlling every aspect of indoor air quality. It detects and alerts administrators on air pollution-related risks, including viruses, allergies, mold, and other health-related concerns.