Bacardi Notches Sustainability Wins

By Neat Pour Staff
Sep 10, 2018 9:30 AM ET

Sustainability is no longer a little-known cause pushed by a small group of activists. The environment is officially a major player in the drinks industry, factoring into the calculations of big brands. Bacardi is one heavyweight producer leading the charge. The company officially released the results of their three year push towards sustainability and admittedly, it’s pretty impressive. Pushing ahead, Bacardi also announced some ambitious goals to keep up the momentum.

Reported Results

The original Good Spirited program was announcing in 2014. The family owned company vowed to make significant reductions to Green House Gas (GHG) intensity and water usage; in addition, commitments were made to zero waste to landfill and a push towards sustainably sourced sugarcane. The spirits giant announced that they met those goals.

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