Case Study: Groupon Increases Volunteer Hours Tracked by 600% with YourMatch™

May 25, 2016 8:40 AM ET

When Groupon rolled out its employee volunteer program in 2012, volunteerism across the company exploded. But the program quickly outgrew the spreadsheets that Groupon was using to manage it, and the company was looking to scale volunteerism even further. That’s when Groupon turned to VolunteerMatch’s YourMatch™ solution to grow and manage the program and to demonstrate ROI.

“As we continued to grow, I wasn’t able to plan every event for our employees,” says Alicia Koch, Program Manager of Employee and Community Engagement, Groupon. “Once we realized we needed a different solution, we knew VolunteerMatch was going to be our best option. We needed to scale our program to offices across the country, and VolunteerMatch allowed us to do that. It’s been really helpful to have that vast network of opportunities for our employees to access.”

Learn more about how Groupon overcame the challenges of a growing employee volunteer program with YourMatch. Check out the case study.

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