Choose the Right Technology for Your Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs.

Join this month’s episode of Listen Up! for a robust discussion on trends and best practices in the use of technology to support corporate citizenship programs.
Jan 7, 2020 2:55 PM ET

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Join this month’s episode of Listen Up! for a robust discussion on trends and best practices in the use of technology to support corporate citizenship programs. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion including your questions and additional insight. Join us to learn, get motivated, and expand your network with corporate citizenship professionals around the world.

A Review of Almost Every Corporate Giving, Volunteering and Grantmaking Technology from Around the World

More and more companies are looking to support and even financially match their employee volunteering and giving efforts. This has put CSR departments under increasing pressure to implement simple and flexible process to facilitate workplace giving. To do this effectively, companies need to answer key questions, such as: 

  • What should I look for in a workplace giving technology provider? 
  • What are other companies with comparable programs using? 
  • How much does it cost (and how much should it cost)? 
  • What features do I need to treat as requirements, and which should be optional?

In an effort to address these questions, help reduce inefficiencies, inform the selection of right-sized solutions and potentially reduce high procurement costs, the RW Institute (RWI), sponsored by its core partner, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, produced the first-ever global Corporate Volunteering, Giving and Grants Technology Review. The review provides Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners with a comprehensive overview of platforms around the world that support employee volunteering, giving and grant programs, as well as unique insights into technology procurement, implementation and adoption. 

This episode of Listen Up! (register here) will cover technology solutions headquartered in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the US. The goal is to help CSR practitioners make decisions that reduce costs associated with procuring technology solutions that support corporate citizenship programs, and to promote market innovation by creating greater transparency and awareness of existing technology solutions.


Data collection for the report took place between April 29, 2019 and August 30, 2019 and consisted of the following:

  • A review of 40 technology solution providers with a) surveys on features, functionality, technology specifications and support options, b) product demonstrations of 17/40 solution providers and c) interviews with five technology solution provider Executives.
  • A survey of 50+ practitioners globally
  • A survey of 100+ end users globally 

The data gathered has been compiled into a 96-page report and takes a critical look at the giving, volunteering and grantmaking technology industry, and focuses on articulating the benefits and importance of technology in moving the industry forward. The report also contains an in-depth analysis of the 40 solution providers reviewed, 17 of which in exceptional detail. The report is intended to provide a transparent and holistic perspective on the market’s trends and available solutions for immediate practical application.

More about the Technology Review

This report is produced by the RW Institute (RWI) and sponsored by the Institute’s core partner, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. RWI, a think tank founded by Realized Worth, focuses entirely on advancing the practice and theory of corporate citizenship through innovative projects, research, analysis and public policy advocacy. RWI and Realized Worth do not own, endorse or partner with any workplace giving platform themselves, and remain platform-agnostic to deliver a completely unbiased report.