City Developments Limited: A New Lease of Life for Sustainability

Oct 1, 2015 11:10 AM ET

Singapore-based property and hotel conglomerate, City Developments Ltd (CDL), has been leading the way in environmentally-responsible real estate since the mid-1990s when it adopted its ‘Conserve as we Construct’ ethos. It’s the firm behind Singapore’s first Eco-Mall, first Eco-Condo and also the first carbon neutral development in the Asia Pacific region.

With the ongoing environmental impact of the building sector remaining high - in Singapore, the building sector is the third largest contributor of carbon emissions – CDL is keen to spread the message of sustainability to its commercial tenants. “To achieve even greater energy efficiency, we need to put a stronger emphasis on changing the behaviour of building occupants,” explains Esther An, chief sustainability officer at CDL. “As one of Singapore’s biggest landlords, CDL is well positioned to work closely with our commercial tenants to achieve greater environmental sustainability.”

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