CMT One Country: Connecting Volunteering and Country Music

Family, Community, Country Music and Volunteering
May 22, 2014 9:20 AM ET

When someone says, “country music,” usually volunteering does not come to mind. But the two have more in common than it would initially seem, for at the core of both lie two integral values: family and community.

CMT One Country is dedicated to connecting its viewers to local volunteer opportunities. Founded on those very values of family and community, CMT, a subsidiary of MTV and Viacom, broadcasts popular country artists and music programs. Its “One Country” volunteer program encourages its national audience of almost 100 million homes to take action and give back to their communities.

For the past seven years, CMT One Country has used VolunteerMatch Solutions to make finding national volunteer opportunities as easy as possible.

Learn more about how CMT One Country engages its fans as volunteers and encourages the values of family and community.

Shari Ilsen