Collaboration Across Generations

To support our young talent, Moody's constantly seeks ways to learn about the challenges they face and what motivates and inspires them.
Mar 13, 2019 9:00 AM ET

“This group is an excellent way to learn about generational differences and similarities,” says Blair Worrall, Senior Vice President of Ratings Delivery and Data and GenERGy’s executive sponsor. “It’s also a great opportunity to network with employees and gain valuable insights.”


Posted from Moody's 2017 CSR Report

We know the energy and potential of our millennial employees not only can move Moody’s business forward but also can help us become a vehicle for positive change. To support our young talent, we constantly seek ways to learn about the challenges they face and what motivates and inspires them. 

With that in mind, we developed a training program in 2017 to help Moody’s colleagues from different generations better understand each other and collaborate more successfully. After one of the sessions, a millennial participant raised his hand and suggested we do something more: create an ERG dedicated to multi-generational support. Sensing the passion of this employee, a Gen Xer and a baby boomer expressed their interest as well. In a true collaboration across generations, the three colleagues founded the New York Generational ERG, called GenERGy for short. 

GenERGy’s members seek to leverage the energy, insights and experiences of Moody’s multi-generational workforce to cultivate an inclusive work environment that fosters greater connectedness and supports the development of all generational groups. GenERGy held four events in 2017 that collectively drew nearly 1,300 employees. In one of the events, titled “Disrupting the Workplace: How Generational Diversity Impacts Innovation,” multi-generational participants discussed topics such as how they can leverage their generational experiences in emerging technology.

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