Constant Change: Logitech's Commitment to A Sustainable Future

By Bracken Darrell, President and Chief Executive Offi­cer
Jan 4, 2021 8:30 AM ET

Logitech’s culture has long reflected our Swiss roots: humble, hard-working and growth-minded. In fact, it took us over a decade of progress to decide we were ready to speak out beyond this report about our sustainability progress and ambitions. Before that, we quietly worked inside our factory walls and o­ffices to reduce our impact on the environment.

About a year ago, we decided that quietly working hard on sustainability wasn’t enough. The world isn’t moving fast enough to address the environmental and societal challenges that we all face. As much as we’ve done and as far we’ve come, we at Logitech aren’t moving fast enough either.

So we decided to be more vocal. We stepped (a little timidly) into the public eye and made promises. Last year, we announced support of the Paris Agreement, pledging to reduce our corporate carbon footprint to support the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. We announced we will be powered exclusively by renewable electricity by 2030. And we let the world know we have neutralized the carbon footprint of our entire gaming product portfolio and will neutralize more of our business as we move ahead.

After being ranked fifth out of 145 tech companies for sustainability performance by Sustainalytics, we decided we would take further steps toward showing leadership in this area. We announced our carbon transparency commitment and became the first consumer electronics company to commit to providing carbon footprint labels on product packaging across our entire portfolio. Our vision is a world where everything is labeled with its carbon impact (or neutrality), like calories on food labels. We believe transparency in this area will drive competition to reduce product carbon footprints and will give consumers the information to make choices based on not just features and price, but also environmental impact. We called on companies in every industry to join with us, for only together can we realize the change that is desperately needed.

We recognize that our business growth does not come without an environmental impact. While we have made progress, we have only just begun to hit our stride in designing our products and our organization for sustainability.

Just as we are working toward a better planet, we are also working to do better for all people. We foster diversity within Logitech but have much more to do to ensure we better represent the communities we serve. We are becoming an outspoken champion for inclusion outside our own walls through corporate giving, supplier diversity programs, accessible products, and much more to come. We commit to being transparent in our efforts and expect to be held accountable for significant improvement in the years ahead.

We are a company of committed believers that constant change is necessary. Change for the environment. Change for inclusion and equal playing field for all. While we want Logitech to be an inspiring company making a difference, we will remain a humble company always learning and growing.