Corporate America's Racial Awakening: One Year Later

In 2020, big businesses made new commitments to combat systemic racism and social injustice. But are they fulfilling their promises to the Black community?
Jul 8, 2021 11:20 AM ET

Published by ESSENCE.COM MAY/JUNE 2021 Issue

By Kimberly Wilson

It was Sharon Chuter, founder and CEO of Uoma Beauty, who called out brands for posting black squares on Instagram without actually putting effort into their corporate strategy to enact real change at a systemic level. The movement she inspired, brilliantly called Pull Up for Change, has since garnered support from more than 120,000 followers on Instagram—and sought to hold brands accountable for implementing lasting change. “After seeing the reaction to George Floyd’s murder, and the amount of performative activism I was seeing from brands, I thought, well what’s the next step?” says Chuter. Her Pull Up for Change has become one of the frontline progressive social movements of this generation.