Creative Peaks: Molding the Future

Students dream up art to impact the behavior of millions of visitors.
Apr 20, 2017 8:05 AM ET


How do you design art that illustrates the importance of recycling in a universal language? In a place like Grand Teton National Park, where there is opportunity to impart teachable moments on visitors from around the world, Jackson Hole High School students are tackling this challenge.

Digital Fabrication Lab, or “FabLab,” is a JHHS elective program that teaches students how to envision, design, and make innovative projects. Led by FabLab director Sammie Smith, four levels of classes are offered each year. The second level class teams up with Jackson Hole Public Art to create projects with community impact.

Fabulous collaborations

JH Public Art’s artist/instructor/ambassador Bland Hoke, Jr. connected the FabLab students with a project spearheaded by Subaru. The car manufacturer is a “zero landfill” company, meaning it sends none of its waste to landfills. For the national parks’ centennial year, Subaru reps wanted to bring that zero landfill concept to the parks and see what could emerge.

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