Did You Miss Godwin Agbara and Andrea Reba Miller’s Conflict Minerals Symposium Presentation Yesterday?

Oct 24, 2013 11:15 AM ET

On Wednesday, October 23rd, Source Intelligence’s virtual conflict minerals symposium series featured Godwin Agbara and Andrea Reba Miller and their presentation entitled, “Section 1502: Perspectives from the U.S. GAO”.

If you missed it, Source Intelligence is now offering anytime viewing of the presentation on vimeo.


Past presentations are also available in Source Intelligence's webinar library.  These presentations include...

September 11:
Jordan Groves - Build Vs Buy

September 18:
Sandra Chincarini and Chris Bayer - How Companies Are Preparing, and Compliance Cost and Externalities of Greater Information Symmetry

October 2:
Chris Gopal - The challenges and Situation form the Global Supply Chain Perspective

October 9:
Ed Viesturs - No Shortcust to the Top

October 16:
Michael Littenberg - Conflict minerals Disclosure - It’s Not Just About the SEC Filing


Don't miss future symposium presentations that you can register for at Source Intelligence's website. These presentations include...

Oct. 30:  
Brad Brooks-Rubin - Transforming the Trade

Nov. 6:
Lawrence Heim - SEC Conflict Minerals Report (CMR) Audit, Auditor Guidance Developments and Considerations in Due Diligence Design.

Nov 13:
Chris Groves - Mineral Resources Update – Upper Fir Tantalum and Niobium Deposit