Digital HR: Revolution Not Evolution

From Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report
Apr 7, 2016 1:15 PM ET

Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. To help organizations and their leaders understand these changes, Deloitte presents the Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, based on more than 7,000 responses to our survey in over 130 countries around the world, where this article appears.


The all-digital world is changing how we live, how we work, and how business is organized and conducted. For HR and business leaders, this digital transformation poses two fundamental challenges. First, HR can help business leaders and employees shift to a digital mind-set, a digital way of managing, organizing, and leading change. Second, HR has the opportunity to revolutionize the entire employee experience by transforming HR processes, systems, and the HR organization via new digital platforms, apps, and ways of delivering HR services. Our discussion of this trend focuses on the second part of the digital HR challenge: how to reimagine HR and the employee experience in a digital world.

  • Today there are more than 7 billion mobile devices in the world,1 and more than 40 percent of all Internet traffic is driven by these devices.2 Yet HR teams remain far behind in deploying mobile solutions. Fewer than 20 percent of companies deploy their HR and employee productivity solutions on mobile apps today.3
  • Designing mobile apps and considering the end-to-end user experience are new disciplines for HR, combining design thinking with apps, video, social, and mobile technologies.
  • Digital HR, which brings together social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies, represents a new platform for improving the employee and candidate experience. While vendors are now delivering solutions, companies should build their own integrated digital HR strategies and programs.

The era of true digital disruption has finally hit HR, transforming the way HR delivers solutions to employees. 

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