Eastman Sponsors 2016 Baja SAE Competition at Tennessee Tech

May 26, 2016 9:00 AM ET

Recently, Eastman sponsored the Baja SAE competition at Tennessee Tech University, welcoming nearly 1,300 students from 95 universities around the world.

Hosted by SAE International, Baja SAE challenges engineering students to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain. As in real work situations, these future engineers work together as a team to discover and resolve technical challenges in design and manufacturing, as well as business issues. Baja SAE also gives students the first-hand challenge of pursuing their passion while managing real-life demands and priorities.

In line with Eastman’s corporate responsibility initiatives, the Baja SAE competition focuses on education and empowering engineering students to pursue their dreams. The event is also a great way to introduce Eastman to a new audience of students and potential employees.

“Eastman is not an obvious choice for employment for most mechanical engineering students,” said Jared Moore, Principal Mechanical Engineer and Tennessee Tech alumnus. “Little to none of the typical undergraduate curriculum gives students exposure to process industries.  Through Eastman’s support of this event, mechanical engineering students from all over the world will now recognize the Eastman name and will hopefully be open to hearing more about the exciting career opportunities that are possible with Eastman.”

Tennessee Tech graduate and Innovation Project Leader, Carlos Carvajal, emphasized the opportunity to connect the Baja competition to real world examples of Eastman’s connect to the marketplace. 

“Beyond educating potential employees about career opportunities, this was a great event to inform the mechanical engineering students that Eastman is a key contributor to the transportation market, as this is the biggest end-market our company serves,” shared Carvajal. “We can connect the dots between their education and passion to making a difference in the future of the transportation market.”

“Supporting events such as the Baja SAE competition invests not only in the students’ futures but also the future of our industry and hopefully our company,” shared Chrissy Idlette, Eastman Corporate Responsibility Representative. “Investing in education and empowering the next generation of our workforce creates value that extends beyond one event or competition.”

Participating schools represented a number of colleges and universities where Eastman actively recruits, including Tennessee Tech, University of Alabama, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, Purdue University, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech among others. There were also a number of teams from schools outside the US, such as Cairo University (Egypt), Panamerican University (Mexico City), Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada), Polytechnique Montreal, and the University of Puerto Rico. View a full listing of participating schools and learn more about Baja SAE here