ESG Disclosures Fit for Investors – DSM, Bloomberg & USSIF

Nov 20, 2018 8:00 AM ET

Investor interest in ESG performance is fast becoming mainstream. ESG risks now account for four of the five top business risks according to the WEF 2018 global risks report.

Increasingly investors are using ESG information to help determine future investment decisions. But what does this mean for you and your company’s disclosures?

Ethical Corporation have just published a 10-page management report with expert response and analysis to provide comprehensive insight into ESG disclosures fit for investors, including:

  • The ratings agency conundrum: confusion around the data

  • The quest for standardization: comparable, consistent data on sustainability risks

  • Closing the gap – more transparency around ESG

  • More board oversight of ESG

  • Reporting framework harmonization

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Hear from:

  • CEO, DSM North America

  • Director of Research, USSIF

  • Managing Director of Corporate Sustainability, American Electric Power

  • Head of Research, Sustainalytics

  • Head of CSR, Walgreen Boots Alliance

  • ESG Product Manager, Bloomberg

Click here to get your complimentary ESG disclosure briefing.

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