Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Fossil Fuel Free Production

Jun 9, 2022 10:00 AM ET

Going fossil free in an industry that is traditionally energy intensive is one of our most important and challenging tasks in becoming net zero emitters by 2050. To achieve this, we are committed to redefining the standards of the industry and investing in breakthrough technology.

Investing in decarbonization
A transition to renewable fuels requires alternatives that are not available at scale today. The most interesting alternatives for Essity in the near future include hydrogen, geothermal steam, sustainable biomass and synthetic biogas.

We have already made significant progress with a biomass-powered plant in Lilla Edet, Sweden. In our site in Kawerau, New Zealand, we have invested in the world’s first tissue machine running a fully geothermal steam drying process. Through reduction in pulp consumption, reduced waste and eliminating the use of natural gas for power, the improvements in Kawerau will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions of 23%

Supporting the expansion of renewable electricity
Today, all of our European production sites making Baby, Feminine and Inco products run on certified renewable electricity. This will be scaled up to more sites worldwide.

Our calls for action to policymakers

We need policymakers to support the green transition by:

  • Ensuring transparency, predictability and long-term perspective in public policy to promote investments in breakthrough technology.
  • Promoting increased investments in research and development, and facilitating investments in energy efficient solutions.
  • Securing availability of fuels and reliable electricity compatible with climate neutrality targets at a competitive cost.

Biogas-powered plant

"By completely replacing natural gas with biogas and shifting to certified renewable electricity, our Lilla Edet production facility in Sweden is reducing its fossil fuel CO2 emissions to zero during normal production. It is the world’s first largescale tissue facility with fossil CO2 emission-free production."
Christian Carlsson, Site Manager Lilla Edet

Essity will continue to evaluate possible solutions for energy sources for other locations.