Fact or Fiction: The Environmental Impact of Travel

Cindy Ortega, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer for MGM Resorts International, shares tips for greener travel.
Sep 25, 2014 7:00 AM ET

Mediaplanet: Why is it important to think about the environment when planning your vacation?

Cindy Ortega: The reason why it’s important to think about the environment while you’re taking a vacation is because it’s important to think about the environment in everything you do. You don’t leave it at home when you pack your suitcases. It’s something that’s a part of your everyday life, wherever you are.

MP: What are three ways that travelers can fight climate change while traveling?

CO: The steps that you take when planning your average vacation can coincide quite well with practices that fight climate change. So the first thing you do is decide where you should go. When you make that decision you can use tools that are available to help you pick greener venues. The most important element of how you impact the environment is your choice of resort and whether it is efficient with its water and energy use.

Second, what do you do when you leave your home? Don’t leave your hot water heater up, make sure that your lights are on timers, make sure to stop delivery on your newspapers. Look at what you’re leaving behind and how you can reduce its impact on the environment while you’re gone.

The third step is when you get to your destination. There are things that people can do when they travel that they may not think about. Of course, the most obvious one is to use mass transit. Also, take advantage of recycling systems and use them. Travel light and minimize paper. If possible, reuse containers for your food items.

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