Fire Sprinkler Design: What You Need to Know

Mar 12, 2015 8:00 AM ET

If you’re a builder or a contractor in the residential sector, you are aware of the expanding fire sprinkler mandates that are increasing across the country for new construction homes. If you have questions and need answers, hear from an experienced fire sprinkler design technician about key points to know about fire sprinkler design and tips that might help you if the mandate reaches your neck of the woods.

Join Green Builder Media as we chat with Melisa Rodriguez - an Uponor Senior Design Technician for Fire Sprinkler Design Services - on Tuesday, April 14 at 2pm ET.

Topics will include:

  • A brief history of residential fire sprinklers
  • The different options for residential fire sprinkler systems
  • Design techniques to add value and reduce cost
  • What you need to know about water supplies and city requirements

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