Forbes: Another Data Point for Performance Reviews – Employee Volunteering

Feb 10, 2015 3:35 PM ET

As corporate volunteerism becomes an increasingly important part of the work experience, companies are coming up with new ways to embrace volunteering and tie it to their bottom lines.

One of these innovations is linking performance reviews to volunteering, allowing employees to demonstrate skills and strengths that management might not have otherwise been able to see in action.  Conversely, managers are able to use volunteering opportunities to provide employees with new leadership and job skills that are tough (and expensive) to train for.

While it’s a fairly recent phenomenon to assess an employee’s volunteering performance as a part of an overall job performance review, the companies that do this often find that it increases volunteer participation.

In its Trends Of Excellence study, the Corporate Institute/Points of Light highlights companies that are assessing employees’ volunteering accomplishments right alongside their business accomplishments, and then factoring that information into recruiting and performance reviews. 

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