Green Discoveries at The Mirage in Las Vegas

Feb 5, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is home to a new Sustainability Discovery Center aimed at educating guests about some of the resort’s green initiatives. The center is located inside the souvenir shop and will inspire those who visit to think about their sustainability efforts and show them ways they can help create a greener planet. Unveiled only few weeks ago, it has already garnered very good feedback.

“It has all been positive reaction so far,” said Retail Store Manager Anneliese Robnett. “Many people have commented to me how much they love the new area and how impressed they were learning about the Company’s sustainable efforts. It really seems to be of growing importance to many of our visiting guests.”

The display comprises multiple art and wall installations filled with facts and imagery about animal conservation, natural resource conservation, recycling and waste management, and more. You can see how water gets from the Colorado River to Bellagio’s fountains or how recycled plastic bottles can be made into clothes. There are also interactive games children can play to teach them about being environmentally responsible. They can even take a pledge to reduce their water use by half every day.

MY Green Advantage, a social media-style platform focused entirely on adapting environmentally sustainable practices, also has a permanent place on one of the interactive screens showcasing the Company’s sustainability efforts. The display highlights what MGM Resorts International employees are doing to help the environment and includes a sustainability message from Chairman and CEO Jim Murren.

“The information provided is important. It really does affect everybody on the planet,” said Ms. Robnett. “We’re just doing our part in trying to get the information out there about the need to go green.”

Rachel Rogala
MGM Resorts International, Corporate Communications
+1 (702) 692-6814