Grocery Shopping for a Healthier Planet

May 19, 2021 9:15 AM ET

"We want to do our part. We want to be incredible stewards to our customers, our communities and the environment," said Darcie Renn, Director of ESG & Sustainability for Albertsons Companies.

Safeway is among the grocers striving to help shoppers waste less and have less impact on the planet. Last year, the company donated over 75 million pounds of food to people in need, which not only reduces carbon emissions by keeping food out of landfills, but also helps ensure that unspoiled food gets “into the hands of people that can use it,” said Renn.

Grocery shoppers can take simple steps, like bringing reusable bags to the store and making sure to store foods at their proper temperature to keep them fresher longer…Shoppers can also keep sustainability in mind as they move from one store aisle to another.

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