Hello and Welcome from the HP Veteran Staffing Program!

Jun 20, 2013 9:30 AM ET

One of the greatest joys in recruiting is the feeling of making an impact in someone’s life by providing them with a great career. In my opinion, that same feeling of pride and impact is doubled when that new hire is a military veteran. At HP, we’ve made it a company-wide initiative to work harder at hiring veterans.  

Since launching a dedicated, focused effort in attracting and hiring military veterans this time last year we have experienced great strides!  We’ve accomplished a number of tremendous things in a short time and continue to drive forward to hire military veterans.

Here are a few of our recent accomplishments:

Most important of all though, is keeping the focus on where it needs to be and that is on you, the veteran. All the activities and efforts that we do, the organizations we align with, the places we as a Recruiting Team visit – is about helping you, the veteran, understand where you fit inside HP and how to create a productive and rewarding career. 

Inside the Veteran Staffing Program we strive to provide a welcoming, positive experience for you when exploring opportunities at HP. When you see HP at many of the job fairs for veterans or on military bases at the Transition Assistance classes, we are there to showcase the variety of careers at HP and how they apply to you. With the diverse business portfolio and global presence, there is a career here that is relevant to nearly every skill you learned while in uniform. We aren’t going to simply tell you how to apply to a job, we are going to show you WHY you want to work at HP and why HP wants you.

To close, I’d like say how exciting it is to be leading the charge to bring military veterans into the HP ranks.  I’m looking forward to being able to share information with you on a regular basis here so come back each week to see what military bases and events we can meet you at and tips and insights into finding the right career for you here at HP.

- Dan

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