How Professionals Are Tackling the American Sanitation Crisis

By Troy Benavidez, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, LIXIL Americas
Sep 13, 2018 10:35 AM ET

The lack of basic water sanitation is affecting several American communities, and organizations like LIXIL are pledging to step up and provide support and relief.

What are some of the biggest challenges the sanitation crisis in the U.S. is facing?

Awareness of our sanitation problem is growing across the country, but we need to address the problem, not just recognize it. While the lack of basic sanitation may sound like a problem that only takes place in developing countries, this is happening in our own backyard and impacting the health of many Americans.

What is LIXIL doing to help support the affected communities?

Our engineers and designers are currently identifying and working on technologies that we hope will help address this sanitation problem. While we also recognize our work is just one piece of the puzzle, we want to collaborate with public and private sectors and non-profits on a system-wide sanitation solution. Collectively, we should be able to find a solution.

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