Intel's Focus on Rwanda To Lead the Effort of Tracking Responsibly Secured Minerals Through Tech

By Russel A
Oct 6, 2020 11:00 AM ET

On 20th August, the effort to responsibly track minerals begun in Rwanda, Central Africa about 5000 feet in the Northern Rwandese jungles. Led by Intel’s Adam Schafer and Erin Mitchell summed up their visit with the words. “we’re here to learn.” The duo visited six mines and refining facilities over a five day period.

Schafer is the director of Supply Chain Sustainability at Intel. In late 2019 they crisscrossed the mineral-rich Rwandan mountains and creeks in four-wheel vehicles passing through her trails and entrances.

In a share from Intel’s newsroom, the fact-finding mission was completed right before Covid-19 halted air travel. This new initiative will help guide the company’s  2030 Corporate Responsibility Goals as pertains to responsible sourcing.

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