IVECO ON Is Innovating Road Safety With a Personalized Driver Safety Report

IVECO is extending its offering of digital driver-focused services with the new Safe Driving features. An industry first, this pioneering service is designed to help customers become safer drivers.
Dec 21, 2020 4:00 PM ET

IVECO, the commercial vehicles brand of CNH Industrial, is extending its IVECO ON portfolio of digital services with the unique Safe Driving suite of features designed to enhance safe driving. The on-board system measures a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and generates regular reports to help drivers develop a safe driving style and fleet managers to foster a safe driving culture in their fleet.

Safe Driving addresses the issue of human error, the major contributor to road accidents, by enhancing the driver’s risk awareness. This will reduce the risk of accidents, with the benefit of lower incidence of injuries and damage to the transported goods or the vehicle, as well as improved road safety. The Safe Driving features, available on IVECO S-WAY trucks and current DAILY van models fitted with a Connectivity Box, are easily accessed through the IVECO ON portal.

“At IVECO we are constantly looking at new ways of supporting our customers and enhancing the drivers’ life on the road. The Safe Driving features and service address the all-important concern for their safety when they are out there, carrying out their transport missions,” said Fabrizio Conicella, Digital lead, IVECO. “In the same way that the Driving Style Evaluation tool helps them to drive more efficiently, the Safe Driving reports will give them useful advice that will enable them to enhance their safe driving behaviour.”

The standard Safe Driving Reports provide an overview of the measured KPIs for the fleet, organized in three categories: Dynamics includes indicators on harsh steering or acceleration manoeuvres, stability control and handbrake use while driving; Collision Risk looks at behaviours that indicate a possible risk of accident such as harsh braking or keeping an unsafe distance from the vehicle ahead; and Compliance with Regulations such as speed and driving hours limits, and vehicle maximum legal weight. The fleet manager can analyse the trends at fleet level and identify the areas where drivers can improve their driving style to enhance their safety on the road.

The IVECO S-Way also offers a Professional Safe Driving Report and Advising service which drills down into the individual driver’s behaviour. The Professional Safe Driving Report analyses the individual driver’s performance on each KPI and provides an action plan with suggestions for improvement. With the report, the driver and fleet manager are also able to track the improvements achieved following the advice provided by the Safe Driving service.