K-Tec Systems CEO Cathy Koch “Believed She Could, and So She Did”—with Help from wegg® and FedEx

by Laurel Delaney
Nov 21, 2019 3:00 PM ET

“Every morning,” K-Tec Systems CEO Cathy Koch says, “I put on a bracelet that says: ‘She Believed She Could, and So She Did.’ I believe a woman must believe ‘she can’ from the day she opens her business.”

Koch’s U.S.-based K-Tec Systems manufactures and assembles custom-designed thermocouples and wire harnesses. For a long time, Cathy had wanted to grow her business globally, especially after learning from FedEx’s research that “96% of the world’s potential customers are outside of the USA.” Her first attempt, however, went sour; the customer didn’t pay, and exporting left a bad taste in her mouth.

The experience made Koch more determined than ever to master the export front. Enter Laurel Delaney, founder of the nonprofit Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global™ (wegg®). 

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