KeyBank and the First Niagara Foundation Donate $100,000 to Matt Urban Hope Center's Initiative to Provide Healthy Meals for Community Residents

Aug 5, 2022 9:00 AM ET

KeyBank, in partnership with the First Niagara Foundation, is providing $100,000 in grant funding for the Matt Urban Hope Center Urban Diner. The Urban Diner soup kitchen provides healthy meals for people in the community free of charge to ensure all residents have access to fresh, nutrient-rich food.

In addition to helping ensure access to wholesome food, the grant will provide the resources necessary to support a culinary arts vocational training program to provide participants with the skill set needed to pursue gainful employment in the food service industry. Both the Urban Diner Soup kitchen and the training program will provide the support needed to help people lead healthy lifestyles.

The Urban Diner will also soon be transitioning to the Matt Urban Hope Center’s new facility at 243 Sears Street in Buffalo, after being housed at 385 Paderewski Drive for more than a decade.

“The Matt Urban Hope Center is dedicated to enhancing racial equality, increasing access to services for low income individuals, and empowering community members to improve their quality of life,” said Elizabeth Gurney, KeyBank Director of Corporate Philanthropy and Executive Director of the First Niagara Foundation. “We are thrilled to help them continue to transform lives and change the landscape of our community through their unparalleled services and programs. They are making a lasting impression on our region while advancing and improving health equity.”

“We are so grateful for the support of KeyBank and their commitment to helping us address the systemic barriers that must be overcome to provide true equality and transformational change,” said Ben Hillegas, Executive Director of the Matt Urban Hope Center. “We look forward to being able to provide vocational education and even more nutritious meals for our community.”