Leadership at CAGI Gives Ingersoll Rand Advocacy Role for Sustainability

Aug 1, 2017 11:30 AM ET

Several Ingersoll Rand leaders and managers are making important sustainability contributions to the Compressed Air and Gas Institute's (CAGI) work in support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE has focused its efforts on regulatory action on efficiency standards for air compressors and the establishment of test procedures that determine if compressors meet those standards.

"Ingersoll Rand has been asked by the DOE and several advocacy groups to make its position known in several areas of compressor design and operation to conserve natural resources and help customers make the right decisions for proven sustainability," said Brian Freeman, air product management leader at Ingersoll Rand, and second vice president on the board for CAGI. Freeman is also chairman of the rotary positive compressor section for CAGI, where the majority of the DOE energy work is focused.

"The industry role we play at CAGI is well aligned with Ingersoll Rand’s position as a global manufacturer," Freeman said. "It benefits the industry by sharing our expertise as a leader in compressor design and efficiency and air system efficiency. And it benefits Ingersoll Rand by providing us a leadership role where we have a direct opportunity to weigh in and help drive proposed regulations that impact our industry."

The most recent example in CAGI's pursuit of regulatory input is around federally mandated test procedures for certain categories of air compressors sold within the United States. 

CAGI's goal is to ensure the test procedures are aligned with the existing international test standard for evaluating performance of rotary compressors (ISO 1217:2009) as closely as possible. 

Ingersoll Rand’s involvement in these exercises and entire process, which has been ongoing for the past three to four years, is one reason it’s recognized as an authority by energy advocacy teams.

Ingersoll Rand is also recognized by the market-leading products it has introduced in the past 12 months – including the Next Generation R-Series compressors recently launched to the market. It offers up to 20 percent improved energy efficiency over legacy products and help manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals.

Ingersoll Rand was a founding member of CAGI more than a century ago.