Marshalls plc 2017 United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress Report: Leveraging Sustainability to Drive Competitive Advantage

Apr 18, 2018 8:00 AM ET

This Marshalls 9th UNGC Communication on Progress sits alongside its Annual Report as the main vehicle for sharing its sustainability progress. Read on and judge for yourself the depth of Marshalls’ actions which clearly demonstrate that sustainability remains at the heart of all that it does.

Marshalls CEO, Martyn Coffey, says, “Being a long-term and committed UNGC signatory helps in very practical ways to guide our approach and day-to-day behaviours to help ensure that as we continue to strive to be a profitable business we remain alert to our responsibilities and open to the opportunities which allow us to make our contributions, however large or small, towards achieving the SDGs.  The SDGs are essentially a human rights-based agenda; from Decent Work to Gender Equality and Clean Water and Sanitation — all are directly related to human rights, all are interconnected. Human rights plays an increasingly important role in our own business to help guide our decision – from product research and development to procurement & supply chains, human resources and beyond – and to help ensure that we do not unwittingly undermine our own efforts to contribute to the SDGs.”

He continued, “Human rights for us is not about compliance or risk mitigation but about building strong and fair business strategies which help us achieve our core mission of ‘Creating Better Spaces’ for everyone. Human rights is proving to be a platform for business innovation, galvanising collective action, moral fortitude, meaningful collaboration with new partners and long term sustainability; making sure we’re a company that young people want to work for, investors want to invest in and Governments want to partner with.  We remain empowered by our brand values of leadership, excellence, trust and sustainability. I see day-in-day-out Marshalls’ team working passionately and diligently to uphold the UNGC pillars of human rights, labour, environment & anti-corruption. We are continuing to leverage sustainability to drive competitive advantage for our business but by absolutely doing the right thing.”

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