Mosaic Fertilizantes Wins Agribusiness Awards in Fertilizer and Sustainability Categories

Mosaic was the first fertilizer company to receive this award in the sustainability category
Feb 10, 2021 11:45 AM ET

Globo Rural Magazine recognized Mosaic Fertilizantes with two ‘Best of Agribusiness’ awards — one in the Fertilizer category and another in Sustainability. This was the first time a fertilizer company was selected to receive the Best of Agribusiness award in the Sustainability category.  

Mosaic Fertilizantes was also named to Brasil Mineral Magazine’s list of Companies of the Year within the Mineral Sector. 

The team attributes these prestigious awards to our employees, customers, suppliers and communities — as well as our ESG Performance Targets and framework that holds us accountable for achieving measurable progress in our focus areas of people, environment, society and company.  

In an interview with Globo Rural Magazine, SVP Mosaic Fertilizantes Corrine Ricard praised our innovative products that help farmers improve yields while strengthening the soil, technology improvements and our adaptability in serving farmers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“We are very proud to be alongside other important agribusiness and mining companies in awards that recognize our business and its contribution to Brazil and the planet. In our company, we work to constantly improve the way we do business, strengthening our vocation to produce the food that the world needs and generating value for all our stakeholders,” said Corrine Ricard. 

Congratulations to the Mosaic Fertilizantes team!