PNC University (PNCU) Offers Employees Tools to Learn, Develop and Support PNC’s Business Performance

Aug 20, 2018 11:35 AM ET

As PNC builds a talent-focused culture, we strive to deliver learning that is:

  • Employee Owned – Provides “just enough, just in time, just for me” learning and development that enhances performance and career growth. 
  • Manager Guided – Develops the best by providing the right learning opportunities to inspire employee growth and development.
  • PNC Enabled – Harnesses the collective thinking and expertise of the organization to provide easy, memorable and timely learning and development experiences. Our learning opportunities focus on several key areas: 
  • New employee orientation and assimilation
  • Job specific skill training
  • Sales and product training
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Leadership development 

PNCU offers training to all employees through 12,500 learning and development opportunities - 1,500 classroom based, 1,000 virtual and 10,000 online self-study resources.


In addition to PNC University, PNC offers specific development opportunities for the company’s top talent. Through our Accelerator Program, for example, some of the company’s highest-performing employees receive leadership development training while networking and executing on enterprise-wide projects. Program participants help address critical business issues in partnership with executives from across the company. This networking and exposure create an opportunity for participants to take on leadership roles that they otherwise may not have been aware of and help PNC effectively move talent across our organization.

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