Strategic Growth in Africa Through Technology

It changes the playing field of challenges in Africa
Feb 12, 2013 7:30 AM ET

The role of the successful African CEO has significantly changed - what it takes to make it in the Africa of today bears no resemblance to what it took a decade ago. Market unpredictability, austerity measures in most major global markets, the consumerisation of IT, a demographic explosion as well as macro-agronomics have irrevocably changed organisational life across the globe. All this coupled with the convergence of mobile technology, cloud computing, burgeoning social networks and the implications of predictive analytics is creating previously inconceivable new business opportunities in Africa.

Pfungwa Serima, CEO of SAP Africa, believes that 2013 is the time for Africa to shine as, more than ever, strategically harnessed technology is poised to profoundly challenge the paradigm shift around many challenges Africa faces; effectively it could put Africa in a position to leapfrog international counterparts in some respects. 

Relying on government to drive all prerequisite PEST (political, economic, social and technological) changes is short-sighted and simply outdated – it’s time for the private sector to boldly step up and take on the mantle of proactively contributing to solving African challenges, according to Serima. “The private sector plays a vital role in creating a level playing field; one that builds an environment that embraces education, technology and innovation,” says Serima. “This will encourage citizens to take an active part in developing vibrant communities that focus on the value of economic growth, job creation and innovation.”

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