Success Stories of the Common Vision: The FishWise and Safeway Partnership

By the Conservation Alliance for Seafood
Mar 17, 2016 7:00 PM ET

Originally published on The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions website.

This month, we will feature several success stories from Conservation Alliance member organizations and their business partners. They all follow a common theme: several years ago, member organizations relied on the guidance provided in the Alliance Common Vision to work with their partners to write strong time-bound commitments to improve procurement policies and practices. As many of those commitment timelines are concluding, reports of success are emerging from across the sustainable seafood community. As we usher in a new era for sustainable seafood with the Alliance’s updated Common Vision, we expect more robust commitments to emerge, to address today’s challenges of social and environmental responsibilities. But first, we would like to pause and champion the successes we have seen over the past several years.

A founding member of the Conservation Alliance, FishWise, was a key partner in the revision of the Alliance Common Vision in 2015 – their leadership in integrating better guidance for human rights and traceability in the document was underpinned by their credibility and the depth of their relationships in the community.

FishWise is also celebrating a major milestone with their retailer partner, Safeway, which following a merger in January 2015 is now part of Albertsons Companies.

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