The CEO of a Company with 40,000 Employees Shares His Top 4 Leadership Lessons

by Peter Vanham, Contributor
Sep 14, 2016 1:15 PM ET

What would you do if a colleague was up for a promotion, but you felt he or she wasn't up to the task?

Ronnie Leten, CEO of Atlas Copco, a global company with more than 40,000 employees, wouldn't hesitate a minute.

He would tell him or her straight in the face, because he believes honesty trumps all other considerations. "I might punch you in the face, but I'll never stab you in the back," he says.

What other leadership lessons does he offer for those wanting to reach the top?

Here are some of the leadership lessons I picked up from talking to him recently in New York, when we talked about "Before I Was CEO," my book on leaders' lessons.

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