Unwrapping the Packaging Issue in E-commerce

Wasteful packaging affects a consumer’s perception of a brand’s efficiency and sustainability and the company's profit margin. Sealed Air's Pasi Pesonen explains why setting up a sustainable, low-waste supply chain is good for business.
Jan 25, 2017 8:00 AM ET

Online retail growth in Asia is on the rise – sales in the region for 2016 are expected to exceed US$1 trillion with growth set to reach US$2.725 trillion by 2020. Expanding middle classes, increased mobile and internet penetration and improved infrastructure all contribute to this growth. 

However, the success of e-commerce is also largely dependent on having an efficient supply chain that helps deliver goods and a satisfactory customer experience.

Consumer expectations today are for fast, free delivery and equally quick and easy product returns. Packaging plays a big role in driving customer perception and loyalty.

Retailers should be aware of four common packaging pitfalls that can cost time, money, material resources and put customer satisfaction and loyalty at risk. These include: neglecting return logistics, overpacking, under-protecting and underestimating the risks of omnichannel fulfilment.

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