Up-Skill Your Employee Volunteer Champions, Ambassadors and Leaders

Do you need to invest in your influential employees (the social innovators) leading in the company's employee giving and volunteering program?
Mar 5, 2020 1:00 PM ET

The RW Institute Regional Campus is a two-day immersive learning and development course designed to up-skill employee volunteer leaders and corporate nonprofit partners. RWI Campuses are held regionally to alleviate unnecessary transportation and accommodation costs. However, employees from any region are welcome to attend any campus.


The RW Institute Regional Campus is a two-day immersive learning and development course designed to up-skill employee volunteer leaders and corporate nonprofit partners.

Upcoming campus locations and dates

  • Bay Area, California: April 13, 14
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: June 2, 3
  • Miami: Date TBD
  • Minneapolis: Date TBD
  • Toronto: Date TBD
  • Chicago: Date TBD
  • Seattle: Date TBD
  • Atlanta: Date TBD
  • Dallas: Date TBD

The RWI Regional Campus

This two-day intensive training is a highly immersive learning opportunity that brings together employees from multiple companies to create a shared understanding of the significance and power of volunteering and develop leadership competencies required to deliver effective volunteering experiences.

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Launching in March 2020, the RWI Regional Campus offers champions, ambassadors and impact leaders of corporate volunteer programs a professional development opportunity that is both practical and affordable. Participants are instructed by the RWI Faculty who represent some of most respected academics, authors, practitioners, and innovative thought leaders in the field.


Our Approach

This professional certificate program is based on the Transformative Volunteering approach developed by Realized Worth. This approach to employee volunteering teaches the key behaviors necessary to manage volunteer events that drive results for employees, the company, and the community. Here is a TEDx presentation on the transformative approach to employee volunteering.

Our accomplished facilitators help volunteer leaders understand the value and potential of their role to benefit local communities as well as their company and themselves.  We provide participants with the skills and confidence to go back to their companies as stronger leaders who can drive the goals of the volunteering activities toward greater impact. The greater the personal discovery, the greater the commitment to goals, agreements, and action plans. We encourage personal discovery and reflection, so participants return to work fully prepared to bring their new ideas to life. 

At the end of each training, participants establish individual actions plans based on what they have learned and experienced. Participates are invited to join Campus Cohorts which provide a framework for accountability as they implement their new skills.


Objectives & Outcomes

The Volunteer Champion training is designed to provide practical tools, helpful information, and motivation for employee volunteer leaders from companies of all types. Topics cover the following:

Recruiting and Motivating Volunteers

  • Understanding Human Motivation
  • Tips for Communication and Recruitment

Leading and Facilitating Volunteer Events

  • Transactional versus Transformative Events
  • Practical Examples of an Effective Brief and Debrief
  • How to Guide Colleagues During Volunteer Events

Developing Leadership Skills Through Volunteering

  • Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • Practical Applications of Volunteer Leadership at Work

Coordinating with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Groups 

  • Volunteering as a Mechanism to Develop Empathy
  • How Volunteering Enhances Cognitive Understanding 

Using Your Company’s Workplace Giving Platform to Setup Events and Log Hours 


FAQ: The Basics

1) Who should attend this training? 

This training is built for employees who lead volunteering, giving, and other citizenship activities at your company. The campus can be used as a recognition opportunity for exceptional volunteer leaders or as an introductory course for new leaders. The campus welcomes all levels of experience.

2) Who are employee volunteer leaders?

Employee volunteer leaders are highly engaged employees who have demonstrated interest in and commitment to community issues, nonprofit organizations, and leading others. Some companies refer to these leaders as Volunteer Champions, Community Ambassadors, or Impact Leaders.

3) Why do they need training?

Training provides a sense of movement, accomplishment, and purpose in employee volunteer leaders, which are key drivers of intrinsic motivation. Additionally, training provides recognition and learning opportunities that demonstrate that volunteer leaders are valued and that the company is willing to meaningfully invest in their effectiveness.

4) What does the CSR manager get out of it? 

The RWI Regional Campus equips volunteer leaders with shareable knowledge and actionable understanding through tools, training, and support.  This approach enables employees to rise to a new level, freeing CSR managers to rely on volunteer leaders and extend their capacity for impact. 

5) What practical tools do attendees leave with?

Attendees leave with an actionable toolkit including checklists, templates, and notes on how to: 

  • Recruit and mentor volunteers
  • Scope events with non-profits 
  • Effectively lead and facilitate volunteer events
  • Develop leadership skills through volunteering
  • Additionally, attendees leave with a global network of like-minded volunteer leaders with whom they remain connected through online Campus Cohorts.

6) How is this different than the training I already provide my volunteer leaders?

In addition to the unique value of networking with volunteer leaders from other companies, the RWI Regional Campus builds on the existing learning by taking attendees deeper into an understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and why. Employees practice empathy exercises, trouble-shoot common problems, and share best practices for overcoming barriers. Following the Campus, attendees have the opportunity to join a Campus Cohort, adding ongoing value to their experience.

About the RW Institute

The RW Institute (RWI) exists to better develop, coordinate, and leverage the private sector’s contribution to positive social and environmental change. Through networking opportunities, learning and development programs, innovative research, and thought leadership RWI enhances corporate citizenship efforts and connects key change-makers to like-minded leaders around the world. 

As a global think tank, RWI convenes representatives of all sectors, including individuals, organizations and corporations, around “Stakeholder Tables” to explore and innovate solutions focused on public policy, projects and research. The result is a co-creative process which advances the theory and practice of corporate citizenship on a global scale.

Campus locations and dates

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: March 17, 18
  • Bay Area, California: April 13, 14
  • Miami: Date TBD
  • Minneapolis: Date TBD
  • Toronto: Date TBD
  • Chicago: Date TBD
  • Seattle: Date TBD
  • Atlanta: Date TBD
  • Dallas: Date TBD

Chris Jarvis, Executive Director, RW Institute | Chief Strategy Officer, Realized Worth, Employee volunteering and giving