UPS Longitudes | In the 'Decade to Deliver,' It's Time for Responsible Leadership

Mar 11, 2020 11:30 AM ET

As we enter a new decade and 2030 appears on the horizon, the world as we know it is at a crucial juncture. Faced with unparalleled challenges including a climate emergency, economic dislocation, increasing social inequity and the unintended consequences of rapid-paced technological disruption, there has never been a more urgent moment for collaborative, progressive action from global leaders.

In this, the “decade to deliver,” society at large will hold leaders from across all sectors to account for the actions and choices they make.

No longer is solely creating shareholder value the overarching C-suite priority. There is now a growing impetus to ensure we create positive value for all stakeholders across an organization’s value chain and broader society.

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