What We're Learning: Navigating a Pandemic Through the Lens of an HSE Leader

Jul 17, 2020 11:30 AM ET

Over the course of April, Acre convened a number of virtual round-tables to discuss business continuity and effective Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) leadership during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For these discussions, we collaborated with business leaders from various global and blue chip organisations to openly assess and review business risk and shared challenges in the current climate and, by doing so, creating a platform for knowledge sharing and learning.

Download a copy here to learn more about the five key challenges that emerged.

  • EHS professionals are being asked to make decisions related to the health and safety of others with little to no supporting data
  • Organisations are facing a shortage of PPE to offer employees and where supplies do exist, EHS professionals are now having to question the conformity of these items
  • Safeguarding the mental health of an inherently social species is a layer of the equation we haven’t encountered on this scale before

"The difficulty with battling a pandemic is that we must move at the pace of the crisis, not at the pace of the customer or the company. While this may feel unnatural or even impossible, the reality is that the virus isn’t going to stop and wait for us to adapt."

  • What needs to be considered before EHS leaders can safely return their organisations to work?
  • What are EHS leaders doing to ensure that their employees are well supported both mentally and physically?
  • How are EHS professionals managing challenges as they rapidly unfold?
  • How are EHS professionals battling the global shortage of PPE?

Download a copy here

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