Alexion Joins the Women in STEM Ireland Campaign

Nov 23, 2020 11:00 AM ET

Since it was founded at the end of 2018, the Women in Alexion network (WIA) has had two objectives. Externally, through events such as the annual I WISH Conference, the group focuses on inspiring young women and girls to pursue education and careers within STEM. Internally, it supports women in the workplace through training and guidance that further their personal development and careers.  

To help realize these objectives throughout Ireland, Alexion joined the Women In STEM Ireland campaign to showcase various STEM careers to students, teachers, and parents. Taking part in this annual campaign from the College Park site in Dublin were Rebecca Loughran – Bioprocess Technician, Operations, Leona Cantwell – Associate Director, External Quality & QP and Áine Fleming – Director, Head of Site Engineering.

Alexion is proud to showcase these talented women working in STEM:


“I think the initial impression of STEM, especially for young girls, can be intimidating, but understanding the diversity within these industries will completely change that outlook.” – Rebecca Loughran, Bioprocess Technician, BDS Manufacturing at Alexion. 



“I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had as it is a very exciting time to be in this field of work and the future of STEM looks so promising.” – Leona Cantwell, Associate Director, External Quality & QP at Alexion.


“I find that often people think of engineers and scientists as being people wearing hard hats or lab coats. STEM is more than that – it is a way of thinking and doing.” – Áine Fleming, Director, Head of Site Engineering at Alexion.

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