Beauty That Counts: Playing with Makeup

Aug 6, 2013 12:00 PM ET

To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we are setting a world record by creating a mural entirely from makeup. Four students from The University of North Texas were selected to work on the mural. They share their thoughts on working on this once in a lifetime project. Check back later this week to see the final mural created entirely from Mary Kay products.

When our mural class instructor asked us if we wanted to help out with a mural project and mentioned the words “Mary Kay”, “Guinness World Record”, “Makeup” and “Eyecon Murals”, we all jumped at the opportunity. Chris Arnold and Jeff Garrison of Eyecon studios had visited our summer mural course, so we knew working with the team that has been making Dallas beautiful for over 20 years would be an educational experience. And none of us wanted to miss the opportunity to be part of Mary Kay’s big 50th birthday bash.

As students and aspiring artists, the experience has been amazing. Painting with makeup has been different and challenging but also educational and fun. We’ve learned that while you would never mix foundation and eye shadow on your face, mixing them on a canvas can result in rich pinks and beautiful khakis. And the brushes! We love the crisp lines we can get with the concealer and cream eye shadow brushes and are amazed that they have lasted through two weeks of work and multiple cleanings.

As artists, we seldom get to interact with our audience, so hearing the women’s reactions to our work has been the best part of our experience. Every day we get to hear phrases like “That’s amazing!” “You all are so talented!” and “Wow”. On occasion, we even get to hear someone say that maybe they’ll pick up their paint and brushes again when they get home. As businesswomen and makeup artists, these women understand creativity and easily connect with our work.

We also feel fortunate to be able to work and paint alongside artists like Chris Arnold, Jeff Garrison, and Aryn Dalton of Eyecon and Dallas-based artists Patricia Rodriguez and Giovanni Valderas. While sitting side by side painting layers of Meadow Grass on the canvas, we get to discuss how to make it as an artist after graduation, what sacrifices are necessary, and the amount of motivation and persistence you need to succeed. 
In fact, the idea that you need to do what you love is a message that rings loud and clear when you are among 50,000 women who are passionate about Mary Kay and its products. While we drool over their choice of shoes and gowns on day two of the convention, we also admire their persistence and drive and the balance many of them seem to have achieved by working at Mary Kay.

In a few weeks we’ll don our green again and return to the University of North Texas, but for the past two weeks, we’ve enjoyed the change of scenery. Thank you Mary Kay and Eyecon for the great opportunity.