Booz Allen Foundation Launches Innovation Fund: Building Community Resilience Through Bright Ideas

Apr 30, 2020 9:15 AM ET

How can vulnerable populations be better protected during the COVID-19 crisis? What can we do as a community to help those on the front lines be safer as they work?

From April 30 through June 5, individuals, non-profit organizations, and eligible small businesses are invited to submit their best ideas and solutions to answer these questions and more. It’s all part of the new Innovation Fund launched by the Booz Allen Foundation.

Innovative solutions to unimaginable challenges

A total of $1 million in grants will be awarded for new systems, products, approaches, technologies, delivery systems, or processes solving problems related to the pandemic.  

“We are seeking the most innovative solutions to the unimaginable challenges that our world faces today as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Nancy Laben, co-founding board member of the Booz Allen Foundation, an independent, 501(c)(3) dedicated to convening diverse stakeholders to solve challenging social issues.

The Foundation expects to announce awards in July 2020.

The latest initiative in COVID-19 community support

“Through the Innovation Fund, the Booz Allen Foundation seeks to empower individuals and organizations with resources to truly change the world and bring to life their brightest solutions in support of the most vulnerable among us as we navigate this unprecedented time together,” said Laben.

The Innovation Fund is part of a broader coordinated philanthropic response by Booz Allen Hamilton and the Booz Allen Foundation to address pandemic-related issues and provide ongoing support for communities impacted by COVID-19.

To apply, visit the Booz Allen Foundation Innovation Fund website.

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