Booz Allen’s Dee Dee Helfenstein: Key Trends to Look for at SXSW Interactive

Feb 28, 2018 1:55 PM ET

Booz Allen’s Dee Dee Helfenstein is a senior vice president in the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group, who leads the Solutions Studio Team responsible for strategic alliances, identification of edge technologies, the firm’s Innovation Hubs, and the Solutions Accelerator which provides rapid prototyping for integrated solutions to accelerate growth across the firm. Below, Dee Dee discusses the upcoming SXSW Interactive Festival, and highlights what Booz Allen’s people are most looking forward to.

The SXSW Interactive Festival can be as overwhelming as it is exciting—with everything from digital experiences to can’t-miss speakers and networking events. Booz Allen employees expect that the below trends will take center stage at the event—they are all topics Booz Allen’s people have a passion for, and affect the everyday work we do for our clients. Below, check out the technology and workforce innovations Booz Allen believes are defining our digital future:

Storytelling through AR/VR
Immersive technologies like artificial and virtual reality allow us to experience the future before it happens. Soldiers can train in real-world scenarios, whether it be breaching a compound or prepping an aircraft for flight. Doctors are able to see overlaid data helping them treat vital organs and firefighters can reach out to feel heat behind a door. Imagine being immersed in a VR experience of a natural disaster, helping us understand if we’ve invested enough in water management infrastructure—all through multidimensional realities equipping our people and saving lives. Our favorite on this topic: Bringing VR/AR to People Through Immersive News.

Blockchain. Ready or Not
Blockchain is much bigger than digital currency—its integration into our daily life is on the horizon. Think smart contracts, blockchain voting, environmental sustainability via blockchain supply chain, and zero-knowledge cryptography: Blockchain is changing the game, making the sessions about blockchain and trust especially significant. Interested? Drop into Trust Crisis: The Need for Blockchain or Blockchain and the Future of Global Governance.

Automated Workforce
As automation, process robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) transform our tasks, the way we work and how we work with one another, we need to consider the implications for our company culture and on-the-job experience.  Join us for our Humans & Machines Unite to Change the World session, and also check out AI and Its Impact on our Workforce.

World-Changing Health Technology
Chatbots are enabling more civilians and our military access to free or low-cost mental health services. VR enables people to conduct physical and occupational therapy from their homes. And tech wearables and sensors help patients remain connected to their doctors through always-on data tracking mechanisms. Want to learn more?  Check out Your Zip Code: The Key to Health, and join us at our own session, Active AI: Immersive Experiences in Health.

The G in 5G Means Giant Changes for the Future of Mobile
The 5th generation mobile network could accelerate agile government initiatives, provide continuous coverage for disaster relief areas, and enable live streaming across new devices. What does 5G mean for the future of technology, and could it accelerate “cord-cutting”? Check out New Formats in Streaming for Mobile-First Generation.

We are excited to explore these trends at SXSW Interactive.  Booz Allen will jump-start the conversation on Saturday, March 10th. We’ll provide updates throughout the festival, so be watching for the latest highlights.

To attend our sessions in person, you can find us at the Courtyard Marriott, Austin Downtown, click here for more details.