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Weekend CSR Wrap Up

Pandora's CSR Box, the Hill and a good cup of coffee in this weekend's wrap up.

Retail Retrofits: The Next Frontier of Green Building

The most cutting-edge companies have also seized the corollary opportunity: retrofitting their existing stores.

This post is about me going bananas.

Bananas aren't as sexy as a Gap cardigan - and therein lies the problem.

CSR 2.0 – A New Model for CSR and Sustainability

An expanded model to sustainability developed by the Conscious Business Institute.

Weekend CSR Wrap Up

A few of this week's CSR related headlines for your leisurely weekend reading pleasure.

Hotels don't have to waste energy' Key-card management systems should be "business as usual"

Americans care about Environmental impact. We’ve been able to hang up our towel so it doesn’t have to be washed daily.

Stakeholder Engagement: Who's listening?

Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting: Woodstock for Capitalists. Exxon Mobil's annual meeting: Good pastries.

Weekend CSR Roundup

A handful of the week's most interesting CSR articles and blog posts for your leisurely weekend reading pleasure

Skeletons in the closet: can CSR overcome a company's dark past?

When is it time to "forgive" a company for past atrocities? How do you support the good without condoning the bad?

Profit: An Antidote to Poverty

Hand in hand, a balance of profit and potential for all.


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