Corporate Social Responsibility News

Low-Energy Computing: Why not replace PCs with thin clients?

Are we ready to say good-bye to the old-fashioned desktop PC?

Dominance & Subservience – Today’s Governing Principle

The model of Dominance & Subservience governs most organizations. It is the reason for most conflicts and stress.

Weekend CSR Wrap Up

Drama in the fight for banana workers rights and some great articles on ethical consumption and social entrepreneurship!

Ethical Investing One Answer to Corporate Accountability

Employee, investor and consumer action as opposed to playing the shame game.

Love is all you need

Business and love - chalk and cheese? Or an essential step towards ensuring that businesses truly serve their customers, in turn essential for sustainability?

Since Tim Sanders wrote the best seller "Love is the Killer App" (published in 2002) the word love has crept ever more widely into business usage.

But what is love? And what does it really mean in a business context?

Making it Personal: CSR and Development

Let's not beat around the bush: corporations hold the key to changing the face of development.

Wal-Mart supports costly US healthcare reform

Could this mark a turning point of corporate social responsibility or is it just more of the same?

Weekend CSR Wrap Up

CEO's worth their bonuses and big oil turns away from clean energy in this weekend's CSR Wrap Up.

Personal Sustainability: Without It, Your Company Can’t be Sustainable

Sustainability programs are window dressing as long as companies operate within the model of Dominance & Subservience


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