Environment and Climate Change News

Will Polar Bears Go Extinct By 2050?

Climate change is causing damage to the Arctic habitat and posing threats to the survival of polar bears.

Climate Change is Natural, Carbon Emissions are Not

Climate Change is a natural occurence, climate change by our carbon emissions is not.

Indians Saving Trees - Using Cow Dung for Cremating the Dead

New trend of using cow dung instead of mango wood for cremation in India can save trees and help combat climate change

Developing Nations the Key Factor to a Global Climate Change Deal

December: the members of the UN will make an agreement on climate change and will need to focus on developing nations.

How Can Poor Nations Fight Climate Change?

Underdeveloped countries need financial help from developed nations in order to combat climate change.

Heathrow’s Third Runway and Climate Goals

Countries need to adopt new technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Climate Change – Are We Doing Enough?

Effective collaboration is required on a global level to curb the serious threats posed by climate change.

Will Climate Change Cause More Intense Hurricanes?

Climate Change is predicted to increase the intensity of hurricanes in the coming years with high wind speed.

Wacky carbon footprinting challenges

"Burp collars" are the newest tool in carbon footprinting efforts

10:10 and Climate Camp

What can we learn from two recent climate campaigns?


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